Adam Schubak

Adam Schubak

20 Words That Are Constantly Misused

Nauseous doesn't mean you're nauseated.

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cheap valentines day date ideas
Create the Perfect (And Cheap!) Valentine's Day Date With These Ideas

Whether you're spending the night alone or with your S.O.

things to get rid of in home
20 Massive Royal Wedding Fails You Never Knew About

Like the time Princess Diana said the wrong name at the altar. 😬

30 Foods You Should Never Store in the Fridge

These tips will keep your food fresher and your fridge roomier

20 of the Greatest Moments From 2018

We bet you forgot a lot of these amazing events.

New Year 2019 Concept
5 Things to Do Before 2018 Ends That Will Help You Kick Off 2019

There's still time to make little changes that will have a big impact on your new year.

rockefeller christmas tree throughout the years
Here's What the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Looked Like the Year You Were Born

You don't have to be in NYC to feel the Christmas spirit.

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Christmas present
Looking for Christmas Gifts on a Budget? Right This Way

Check everyone off your list without throwing off your checking account.

Kenya, Taita-Taveta County, Tsavo East National Park, Herd of elephants (Loxodonta Africana)
25 Endangered Animals You Should Know About

Just try to look at a pika without melting.

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world teacher day
17 Incredible Teachers Who Changed the World

These educators went above and beyond for their students.

Friends Gets 11 Emmy Nominations
45 Things That'll Make You Feel Old If You're Over 40

Just thinking about Friends in general makes us dizzy.

miss america the year you were born
25 Princess Diana Quotes That Honor the "People's Princess"

She never wanted to be queen — only the queen of people's hearts.

popular hairstyle
The Most Popular Hair Trend the Year You Graduated High School

Trends come and go, but a yearbook photo is forever.

best tv friends
20 TV Best Friends That Have Given Us Major Friendship Goals

Through thick and thin, these women never quit.

summer jobs through the years
A Look Back at Popular Summer Jobs Through the Years

Work hard, play hard ... all summer long.