Amanda Garrity

Amanda Garrity

Editorial Assistant

Amanda is the editorial assistant for She treats award shows like a national holiday, finds any reason to give in to her sweet tooth (it doesn't take much), and is a pro at attempting Pinterest recipes.

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butternut squash recipes
26 Irresistible Butternut Squash Recipes

Raise your oven mitts for fall's vegetable MVP.

david venable comfort food shortcuts
Over 135,000 People Have Pre-Ordered David Venable's New Cookbook

Here's how to get your own copy before it sells out!

75 Best Thanksgiving Recipes of All Time

You may want to wear elastic pants while reading this.

thanksgiving appetizers
25 Amazing Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Appetizers

This Turkey Day, spend less time making food and more time eating it.

bobby pins
8 Mistakes You're Making With Bobby Pins

Umm, we've been wearing them wrong all this time (see #1).

eighth grade movie free screenings
Why Parents Should Take Kids to a FREE Screening of 'Eighth Grade' This Week

The film has been described as "the first movie to nail youth culture in the digital age."

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jack brooksbank royal title
Why It's No Surprise Princess Eugenie's Fiancé Jack Brooksbank Won't Receive a Royal Title

The situation is not nearly as dramatic as people are making it out to be.

dog dies from saltwater poisoning
Owner Shares Scary Warning After His Beloved Dog Dies From Saltwater Poisoning

This heartbreaking scenario is more common than you think.

kathie lee and hoda wine glasses
You and Your BFF Need These Kathie Lee and Hoda Wine Glasses, Stat

Tonight's forecast: 100% chance of quality bonding time.

camilla parker bowles style
31 of Camilla Parker-Bowles's Most Stylish Outfits Ever

Who knew the Duchess loved velvet SO much?!

18 Easy Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipes to Make This Fall

You might as well call your kitchen "The Cheesecake Factory" from here on out.

royal christening body language