Caroline Alkire

This 93-Year-Old Woman Needs Help Picking Out Her Wedding Dress

She and her soon-to-be hubby are tying the knot after 20 years!

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Mom Shares Heartbreaking Post About Car Seat Safety After Losing Her Son

She lost her 3-year-old due to a mistake that anyone of us could make.

Mom Got Tired of Seeing Short Shorts for Girls, So She Started Her Own Line

You have to admit: girls' clothing is almost always short and tight.

American Girl Doll panties
Parents Are Overjoyed They Can Take American Girl Dolls' Underwear Off Again

The company received major backlash earlier this year after announcing the dolls' underwear would be sewn into their bodies.

The Internet Cannot Handle This Dad's Story About His Toddler's Literal S--t Storm

"I swear I do everything I can to show these kids I love them but they turn on me when I least expect it."

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Photographer Captures Adorable Twins Celebrating Their 100th Birthday

Hands down, this is the best birthday photo shoot we've ever seen.

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"Pathway to Heaven" Captured in Photo of Fatal Car Crash

The image has brought family members of all the victims incredible peace.

Dad Keeps "Embarrassing" Promise to His Daughter, Makes the Internet Melt

"I'm just a Daddy that wants his kids to truly understand that I love them."

Here's a Really Quick Way to Tell If You Smell

... without lifting your armpit in public.

The Internet Is Loving the Way This Guy Handles His Girlfriend's Anxiety

"Find yourself someone who doesn't make you feel like loving you is a job."

Here's What Paul Walker's Daughter Looks Like Now

The 18-year-old is absolutely stunning.

These Photos of a 7-Year-Old Meeting Belle Are So Bittersweet

She used her Make A Wish to go to Disney World, where her dreams came true.

This Woman's Ex Still Sends Birthday Gifts to Their Dog Every Year

The Internet is now begging these two to get back together.