Caroline Picard

Caroline Picard

Associate Editor

Caroline is the Associate Editor for covering all things royals, health, pets, and other lifestyle news. Her true loves are Northwestern University football and her dog, Ollie.

Day Twelve: The Championships - Wimbledon 2018
QUIZ: Could You Be Best Friends With Meghan Markle?

Consider this your ticket to the inner Duchess circle.

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fall quotes
22 Fall Quotes That Will Get You Excited for Sweater Weather

Get cozy on the couch with a PSL, and use sayings these to welcome autumn.

School books on desk, education
9 Things All School Teachers Wish Parents Knew

We polled teachers from across the country.

Blue Velvet Sofa in Living Room
50+ Inspiring Living Room Ideas

There's nothing a few throw pillows can't fix.

Healthy Options Pancakes or Waffles
QUIZ: What's the Healthier Food Option?

Find out how smart you really eat, according to a nutritionist.

Prince Andrew 2015 Service Of Commemoration - Afghanistan
Get to Know Prince Andrew, the Father of Princess Eugenie and Beatrice

The Duke of York will stand will stand front and center at his daughter's wedding in October.

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best puzzles
The Absolute Best Puzzles to Put Together, According to Jigsaw Enthusiasts

Only true masters can tackle the photomosaic picture of "Starry Night."

The Brady Bunch
15 Facts You Never Knew About Middle Children

First of all, we're going extinct. 😱

Virginia Creeper and Poison Ivy
QUIZ: Can You Identify These Dangerous Summer Plants and Bugs?

One is a pretty cultivated vine. The other is a misery-inducing rash waiting to happen.

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POLL: What Would You Rather Have in Your Dream House?

Unlike Barbie's, yours doesn't have to be pink.

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20 Cheap Beauty Products Meghan Markle Swears By

Here's how to get the Markle Sparkle for $25 or less.

Getting a driving lesson in the car
QUIZ: Could You Still Pass a Basic Driver’s Ed Test?

Based on what we see on the road, some people could use a little refresher.

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15 Fall Flowers That'll Spruce Up Your Garden This Autumn

Plant your pansies now and they'll come back in the spring, too!

how normal are your hygiene habits?
halloween history
The Fascinating History of Halloween

Your favorite spooky traditions had to start somewhere.

colorful balloons
22 Happy Quotes That Will Make You Smile

Add an extra dose of joy to your day.