Trish Clasen

Trish Clasen

Editorial Assistant

How long she’s been at GHI: Since December 2013

What she does: She contributes ideas for articles, researches food trends, and searches for fun, innovative products for the “That’s Genius” page. She also helps organize the Test Kitchen and makes sure that everything is running smoothly.  

Background: Before coming to GH, Trish interned at The Daily Meal, worked as a barista, and studied English and Communications at Boston College.

Outside GHI: When it’s warm outside, you can usually find Trish at the beach. Otherwise, she spends her time snapping photos, learning new recipes, wandering Manhattan, and enjoying her friends and family.

What she cooks at home: On any weeknight, Trish thinks you can’t go wrong with a simple stir-fry. It’s such an easy way to transform pantry staples and seasonal produce into delicious (& quick!) dinners. On Sundays, though, she loves spending more time in the kitchen, attempting larger cooking projects ranging from braised short-ribs to homemade gnocchi to lemon meringue pie.

Question she’s asked the most: How do you know if (insert food) has gone bad? Usually followed up with a picture or description of unusual smells.

Her #1 piece of cooking advice: Always taste your food, and, if all else fails, pour yourself a glass of wine.

Proudest culinary moment/Greatest cooking triumph: Successfully baking a chocolate Guinness cake while working at a restaurant (there had been many failed attempts!)

Darkest moment in the test kitchen: Trish once whipped up a boxed brownie mix only to later discover that the mix had already expired. So, the test kitchen smelled like heaven, but tasted less so.

Favorite indulgence: Homemade macaroni & cheese

What’s her kitchen like at home: Tiny!

Happiest kitchen memory: Learning to cook in her college apartment with roommates: sipping wine, swapping family stories, testing new recipes, and occasionally creating edible dinners.

Favorite gadget: Handheld cheese grater (you can never have enough freshly-grated cheese!)

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