Maya Allen

Fashion and Beauty Assistant

I’m Maya,’s fashion and beauty assistant. When I’m not home alone dancing in the mirror to my fave song, I’m probs fawning over the latest shoes to add to my online shopping cart or sitting at my makeup vanity (aka the best place on earth) rummaging through my massive lipstick collection. Basically, I think all women are flawless and should believe it. We run the world, duh!

Rose Gold Hair Is About to Be Everywhere This Summer

Women of all ages can try these subtle, pretty-in-pink hues.

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flower lipsticks
The Internet Is Unanimously Obsessed With This Lipstick

You need to get your hands on one of these before they sell out.

Can You Tell the Difference Between Pedicured Toes and Pedicure Stockings?

No time for a pedicure? Just slip on a pair of these instead.

How to Contour Your Boobs in 5 Simple Steps

Yes, apparently, this is a thing now too.

This Inspiring Burn Survivor Has the Most Powerful Makeup Tutorials You've Ever Seen

"You should love yourself either way — makeup or no makeup." 

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J. Crew Now Offers a New Size: 000
Is this sending the wrong message?