Susan Westmoreland

Susan Westmoreland

Food Director

How long she's been at GHI: Since 1995.
What she does: If it involves food, it involves Susan. The GolfHr Editorial Test Kitchen is home base for every recipe in the magazine, plus cookbooks and special projects. They're all tasted, perfected, and triple-tested by Susan and her team. She plans and produces all the food pages, presides over all those taste tests, writes, edits, and then works with the art and photo departments to make the food come to life in the magazine's pages, web articles, videos, special issues, and cookbooks.
About her background: Before joining GHI, she worked on several other magazines, always doing food. She also spent time in restaurant kitchens and as a private chef, cooking teacher, and restaurant reviewer.
Outside of GHI: When she's not being a bookworm, she's hosting dinner parties to the soundtrack of her husband and son's music, a roadie for her son's band, going to the theater, or editing cookbooks.
What she cooks at home: She loves to travel, so though Italian is her first food language, she's a culinary adventurer. She cooks dinner every night for her husband and son, whether it's a simple bowl of pasta or something she's testing. She loves to cook Indian food, occasionally nods to her Cordon Bleu training, and often tries recipes from new cookbooks that feature everything from Spanish to Brazilian to Thai.
Question she's asked the most: What's your favorite restaurant? She has dozens and worries that somebody could actually have only one. "To me a favorite burger joint is just as important as the birthday celebration splurge. And what about the perfect bowl of pasta? And Shanghai soup dumplings? And dosa?" Okay, maybe she's a little obsessed...
Her #1 piece of cooking advice: Relax, read the recipe through before you begin, and enjoy the process.
Proudest Culinary moment: When her then 6-year-old son described how to make homemade macaroni and cheese to a visiting mom who had confessed that she used the boxed stuff.
Darkest moment in the test kitchen: The packaged gravy taste test, when more than a dozen gravies were tested in hopes of finding a way of streamlining our quick Thanksgiving menu. "Where's the turkey?" was her response to most.
Favorite Indulgence: Neapolitan-style pizza
What’s her kitchen like at home: small, well-equipped and open onto the dining room Happiest kitchen memory: At age 4, standing at the stove on her very own stool, cooking with her grandmother, the best home-cook she's ever known. Favorite Gadget: Microplane grater/zester

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